Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Aim North @ LBLB, Thursday April 16th!

Here we are folks, finally back and playing in Raleigh! It's been some time, we've been really busy writing new tunes and getting ready to record a new album (WHATTTT!!!). We want you to come down and check out the show, we'll be playing with The Grand Shell Game and Jon Sebastian, and it's sure to be a damn fine night of rock 'n' roll. Doors are at 9:30pm at Tir Na Nog in downtown Raleigh, come down and hang! P.s. - The chicken bacon mac 'n' cheese at Tir Na Nog is reeeediculous. If you don't come down for the music, at least come down for the mac 'n'cheese.

Click here to be redirected to the event on Facebook!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Update: New video from Deep South!


It's been a hot minute, right? We've been toiling extensively over the past few months in preparation to go record our new album (which is going to be KILLER by the way) and we can't wait for y'all to hear it! It'll be a little bit before it's ready for consumption, but we'll be keeping everyone updated and in the loop throughout the process.
In the mean time, here's a video from a show we played recently at Deep South in Raleigh, NC:

Even though we haven't been social media-ing a lot recently doesn't mean we don't love you <3

Friday, June 13, 2014

Video and Indy Week write up from our May 16th show at Slim's!!

Hey friends!

A few weeks back we played a rockin' show at Slim's in downtown Raleigh. Firstly, it was a blast, many thanks to Autumn Brand, Kaitlin Grady, and Mark Connor for putting on such an awesome night! It was a fantastic time playing with Bobby Bryson and Chit Nasty Band.
We also got a short but ultimately sweet write up by Indy Week after playing the show (Thanks so much Indy Week and Dan Schram)! Check out the link below to check out the write up:


Also, watch the videos below of us covering The Black Keys "I Got Mine" and a new tune that's going to be on our next EP called "Marie Marie"!

Black Keys cover:

Aim North, "Marie Marie":

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

New Show Announced!

Hey friends!
We just booked a show with our friends Saints Apollo (http://saintsapollo.wix.com/saintsapollo) at Peasant's Pub in Greenville, NC! We'll be there on Saturday, July 19th, and we are so stoked to be rocking out with such an awesome group of musicians. If you haven't gotten a chance to check them out yet, PLEASE please please do, you won't be disappointed. See y'all then!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Catch up with us on IG

Hey Friends!
What a fantastic few months it's been. Recording, gigging, engaging in general shenanigans, it's been awesome. If you want to check out what we've been up to (or a small slice of it at least), check out our Instagram feed on Facebook.
Can't wait to see you around at a show or two!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

"Chasing Birds" EP available now!

Hey y'all!
At long last, our new EP, "Chasing Birds", is finally available!
We've got physical copies and it's also available digitally so get 'em while they're hot!
We're so excited to share the EP with y'all. If you're around Raleigh this Friday (5/16/14) come check us out at Slim's downtown for Kaitlin & Autumn's Double Bubble B-day Shuffle!
Here's some details:
Kaitlin & Autumn's Double Bubble B-day Shuffle!

Also, we've made a little promo vid to celebrate finally getting the album out there, watch it here:

Can't wait to see y'all around town, thanks for checking us out, we hope you enjoy the EP!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"Chasing Birds" single out today!

Our new single, "Chasing Birds", is available today! You can check it out on iTunes and CDBaby.com!